Our commitment to the Environment

Our daily routine at the salon uses a lot of resources and impacts the environment in many ways, from water usage through to aluminium foil.

Here at Cream, we are proud to be part of some amazing initiatives that help reduce the impact that we as an industry can have.



In 2012, Refoil was born, the world’s first sustainably minded recycled salon foil brand. Refoil’s mission is to make aluminium waste history. Our vision is to build a sustainable aluminium future by building awareness and offering products that encourage sustainable development.

At Refoil, we believe education forms the cornerstone of sustainable development and is essential to ensure the next generation will have a fair go. Therefore we work closely together with Australia’s leading hairdressing colleges in implementing much needed sustainable salon practices education.

We are also committed to working together with manufacturers, recyclers and other stakeholders in the hairdressing industry on building a sustainable foiling future for the next generations of hair professionals.

If all Australian hair salons recycled their foil the industry could save….

Landfill space the size of 26 shipping containers.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of permanently removing 3,643 cars from the road.
  • Enough water to fill 93 Olympic swimming pools.
  • Energy the equivalent of the annual requirements of 800 households.